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Animal Wars is an RP on Chatzy about Animals that become sentient and try to be the Masters of the Universe. Not only is this very similar to a game called Spore, but also, the last animal in existance wins and

The map in Animal Wars. Brown is wolves, red is Dragons, sand is above ground Ant Territory, blue is the Fish Men, Orange is the Leopards, and white is unclaimed.

becomes the Master of the Universe!
The Theme of Animal Wars!

The Theme of Animal Wars!

Frank Klepacki - Hell March 3 (High Quality)

...Then all is reset, and the Animals go from Extremely Advanced, to Tribal...

If you are elligible, you may be able to Roleplay in Animal Wars! Be sure to read the rules first! Also, before clicking the link, mind that there is a pass.

You must chat with me in the Live Chat part of this Wiki, and I will give you permission to enter.

(You can chat with either me, JonyRottn, Honzik99, or Chantal71.)

Link to the Animal Wars RP Room!

The StoryEdit

The Year was 2035 when the humans have been wiped out due to nuclear war. Over the thousands of years, the radiation left behind has increased the intelligence of some animals, which have advanced technologically. War may arise again at any time, thus causing a new conflict only known as... ANIMAL WARS!

(Not in any way related to the internet game except for a similar plot.)

Prediction SectionEdit

This is where you can add polls to predict the outcome of things. Anyone in the RP can add a poll!

Who will win in Animal Wars?

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The Wolves

The Ants

The Fish Men

The Dragons