Leader Skylar

Legendary Pack Leader Skylar. Her brother is Legendary Pack Leader Honzik. Both of them have all control over their territory. When Skylar was younger, she was thought to have received the ability to summon creatures as a gift from the Goddess Amaterasu.

===  Skylar Vanessa Goldenheart===

Skylar Vanessa Goldenheart was born on the year 569 A.H. (A.H. = After Humans) She is still alive today because the Wolves have created a secret way to make you age extremely slow. This is what they used on Skylar and her brother so they could stay young and strong for more than a thousand years! However, this effect has been said to wear off in the distant year of 6723 A.H. (Her brother is said to die on the same year)

Skylar has an older brother named Honzik. Both of them were born and raised in the same place, and both were said to have been given the gift of the Goddess Amaterasu. Skylar's gift was the ability to summon the forces of nature at will.

Currently, at age 17, she plans to make the Wolf Empire the strongest of them all. In 1348 A.H., she had said; "One day, the wolves will become the only species on the planet. All of our Allies and Enemies... they will join with our Empire and become one. They will all live peacefully among us wolves, under the roof of the mighty Wolf Empire."

She believes that in order to claim all of the world, she has to do it peacefully. War is not the only answer to claiming the world in her mind, it is making friends with everybody and slowly creeping in on them, eventually persuading them to give the wolves land. However, this does not mean that she will not choose war over peace. When in war, the wolves (and her) can smash, crush, and rip apart anything that harms them.

As for protection, Skylar is protected with a pack of 24 wolves that follow her wherever she goes. All of these wolves are skilled and are the best of the military. Punishment for harassing, harming, or making her uncomfortable will result in 12 months in jail at the least, and death at the worst.

Even after death, she hopes that the Wolf Empire will contrinue to grow without her.

Skylar's Theme

Skylar's Theme

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