The most populous, adaptable, widespread and advanced species of the roleplay.


The BeginningEdit

Around the Mediterranean, in the present day, exists a species of conquistador-like ants. In the events of this roleplay, their intelligence would rise from the radiation, and they would become the size of a panther. From here, they would claim the shore area of the Mediterranean, building 149 pyramids, each connecting to a part of a large hive. Before long, the ants spread underground the entire mainland of the eastern hemisphere, with 3 pyramids in the Mozambique being built.

Mr. MusialEdit

He loved to sing it was always his dream. He got captured by the palace of northside. They tortured him, proded at his, yah know. One day he went beserk and escaped.

First ContactEdit

Unlike any time before, the ants contacted another species at this point. While settling on the british islands, the dragons tried to destroy their pyramids since they were unknown, and so, a war was about to spark. The wolves soon interfered, and the battles stopped in peace, forming an alliance between the three species.

It was then when the ants traded the crystals they dug out during the digging of their hive in return for technology, including matches. They were reproduced, and used to smelt metal to make vehicles. And so, the ants of Britain became the most intelligent ones of all, and the only ones that can speak english. With time, roads have also been made to connect the islands, and laptop-style computers were made, as well as an internet. And then, robotic ants were concieved with a face replaced by a drill. These robots were used to dig the hive through hard-to-dig-through soil and rock.

And with that, all the hives of the world, save for the one of Britain, were connected, and it spread to Antarctica, and, of course, a pyramid was made there, in an area where there is no snow. As the fish people disintegrated all water pollution and rose up sunken vehicles, the ants filmed that with their laptops, salvaged the vehicles into a universal design for the boats, and one for the planes, and their hive had spread 360 degrees under the Earth.

One Small Step, One Big LeapEdit

A space cannon had been made near the seaside pyramid of Mozambique, and it was used to shoot all space equipment from the ants. Among these are 2 space stations, terraforming equipment, and colonies for the Moon, Mars and Venus.




Wherever there is light yellow on this map, the Ants live above-ground in that area. the exception is the Mediterranean shore, which is shared with the Ants and the other species there.

The ants, as previously mentionned, have a massive hive that stretches 360 degrees underground, around the Earth's mantle, and also as previously mentionned, similar hives can be found on the Moon, Mars and Venus. The ants also own 2 space stations, one in orbit around the Earth, the other around Jupiter, the latter being used to study Europa and find traces of life on it, and above-ground, the ants have all of the Moon's, Mars' and Venus' continents, in addition to Great Britain, Mozambique, and the Mediterranean coastline area, the latter of which is shared with the fish men.


When they come together, the ants can form a near-impenetrable swarm of millions, eating away all organic matter they come upon. Despite only having the second-best military, such swarms are the most used and most well-known attack the ants use. However, the strongest ant attack is making a part of their hive collapse, making anything in the collapsed area fall with the collapsing ground. Aside from that, the ants have tamed blue whales and salvaged the wrecking of ships and aircraft from the human era, and generalised each into one universal design, with weaponry, of course.

Pros And ConsEdit

The pros of the ants are that they have the most destructive army, the best airforce, the best spies, the fastest evolution by a longshot, the highest population, the farthest range, both on Earth and in space, and the third best navy.

On the other hand, the ants have the fact that they're the most suspectible to suffer from famine, the second worst technology, and the lowest population able to speak english.

Beliefs And DeitiesEdit


Quetzalcoatl in it's flying serpent form.

The ants believe primarily in science, but they also believe in the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. They believe that Quetzalcoatl is a remnant of human knowledge, trying to make a better future among the new intelligent nations, as a path of enlightenment to the preservation of the Earth's restored state. The ants even sacrifice one of their own every year for them to be reborn as examplar guides to the others. The ants use the written language of the Mayans as a form of text, and it was it's initial use that allowed them to discover about Quetzalcoatl.


In above-ground territory, the ants feed on whatever animal life they can see. However, in the hive, the ants rely on large, fast-growing rodents bred by them for food. In addition, ants harvest plant life, mostly grass and leaves, to grow a kind of fast-growing fungus that is also used for food. Fortunately for the ants, this fungus does not produce any harmful gas.

Relations To Other SpeciesEdit

(The lower the number, the more this empire hates you. Max: 99, Min: -99.)

Wolves: 95. Reason: We are allies, we have a trade route, and we have a research agreement. Along with the Ants and Fish Men, they are a part of the Union Of Global Superpowers.

Fish Men: 85. Reason: We are allies, we have a trade route, and they aren't hostile. Along with the Ants and Wolves, they are a part of the Union Of Global Superpowers.

Penguins: 0. Reason: We haven't met this empire yet.