The Fish Legion is a nation comprised of multiple fish species that have evolved to live on land.

Primary Leader: JonyRottn

Secondary Leader: None.



The Fish Legion originated in the ocean, thousands

The dark blue is all of the Fish Legion territory. We also own the ocean.

of years after the humans had died out. They evolved and gained sentience, getting smarter and smarter over the years. Now, they are intelligent undersea beings that build their homes under and over water.
Fish man

A Fish Man, without the armor.

Beliefs and ReligionEdit

Their Religion is Roman Catholic, however they call it Fishthenic. They pray in temples to their "Human" Gods, and after they pray they feel much braver. Their Gods are: Mars the God of War, Neptune the God of the Sea, and Fortuna the Goddess of Fortune. The Asian Fish men Religion is called Samukai. The Fish Legion calls it the Religion of Honour and Peace. However, the Asian Fish men don't wish to talk a lot about their Religion, so there is not much to go on about it.


Much like ancient roman music, the Fish men only used harps, but sang along with it. The Fish men call this The Olden ways.

Known Species of the Fish MenEdit

The Piranha, Shark, Hammer Head Shark, Crab, Eel, Octopus, and Gold Dojo Loach. (From Asia) The rest so far are basic fish, such as the fish you find all the time in the ocean. That is basically the only known races of Fish Men so far.

The Fish of AsiaEdit

The Fish of Asia (so far known is the Gold Dojo Loach.) Their religion is called Samukai. They based it off ancient Chinese and Japanese religion. Their primary weapons are Katanas and their armor is samurai armor. The Fish Legions call the asian fish "Knights of Lightning" because they have very fatal sneak attacks and have super sneaky spies. They are also very quick and strong. They have grown used to land, so after a while they are not weakened on land.



The Fish Legion has massive amounts of soldiers in heavy armor. They also use ranged weaponry such as guns and even tanks, but they prefer melee weaponry such as swords, spears or axes.


The Territory is all bodies of water, mostly of Rome and Greece, and most of Asia

Pros and Cons of the Fish MenEdit

Pros: The Fish men have the best Navy, and they have the heaviest armor along with the most advanced soldier training.

Cons: The Fish men have the second weakest Air Force, and they have the slowest soldiers on land.

Relations With Other EmpiresEdit

(The lower the number, the more this empire hates you. Max: 99, Min: -99)

Ants: 80. Reason: We are allies. A part of the Union of Global Superpowers.

Wolves: 80. Reason: We are allies, and we have a trade route.

Penguins: 0. Reason: We have not met this empire yet.

Dragons: 0. We have not met this empire yet. (The Dragon Empire will be coming soon, btw!)

The Fish Legion National AnthemEdit

This is the Fish Legion Anthem! It was the first song the fish legion created so they used it as their anthem.

Rome Total War theme

Rome Total War theme

The Fish Legion's Anthem