The Empire of the WolvesEdit

The Wolves were some of the very first species on Earth to become sentient
Leader Skylar

Legendary Pack Leader Skylar. Her brother is Legendary Pack Leader Honzik. Both of them have all control over their territory. When Skylar was younger, she was thought to have received the ability to summon creatures as a gift from the Goddess Amaterasu.

. They began by creating villages in North America, and they now own two worlds.

Leaders: Legendary Pack Leaders Skylar and Honzik. (Basically a King and Queen, but both have the same rank.)

Capital: Yellowstone

Language: A mix of Native American and English.

A part of the ASN and Union of Global Superpowers.


The Start of the WolvesEdit

The Wolves started in North America as the normal wolf. After hundreds of thousands of years, they evolved and gained sentience. They spread across North America as they began to walk upright. After claiming all of it, they began to move into South America, and conquered all of it. They also own a third of Europe, but the Military there is not as good as the Military they have in the Americas.

The wolves were the not only the first to create fireworks, but their advances in technology quickly grew as they spread across the world.

The Territory of the Wolves, after the corruptive substance from the Dragons affected the population. The wolves had repopulated in less than 100 years.

Beliefs And ReligionEdit

The Wolves believe in 3 gods and are shamanistic. Canis is the God of War, Lupis is the Goddess of Healing, and Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Earth, Sun, and Ocean.


The music the Wolves created had to be the most beautiful music on Earth at the time. Their music fits perfectly in the Native American genre, and they used it during battle, during ceremonies, and when they just felt like it. In fact, their National Anthem has never changed. They have kept it the same way ever since they were Tribal. They recreated the human instruments of long ago, which include Wooden Horns, Drums, and Wooden Flutes.


Training is very important to the wolves, and it's basically what they call school.

If you were a young male wolf citizen, or a pup, you would be required to go to school 6 days a week. You will recieve tons and tons of training each of those 6 days, and it will not be easy. After you are 18 years old, you will no longer have to train, and you may choose a job.

It would be different if you were a female wolf pup. You would be required to train 5 days a week, and you will recieve just as much training as the males. After you turn 18, you will be allowed to choose a job.

If you skip school, you will be disciplined VERY badly. If you are a wolf of the ages 10-16, you will be sent to a special training camp, where you must train 7 days a week. At the camp, there is no possible way to escape without being caught. You will most likely be stuck there for a whole month. When you return, you will be expected to apologize to your parents and return to normal school.



The wolf territory consists of all of North America, all of South America, all of Central America and a 3rd of Europe. They have also conquered Phobos, a moon of Mars.

The Wolves are very defensive of their borders, and they have a very powerful army.



A Wolf Warrior from the Wolf Army.

The Wolf military has many different types of troops from many different areas. For instance they have the standard Wolf soldier, Dog Spies, Jackal Commandos, Coyote Heavy Weapons experts, and even Hyena mercenaries! All of these troops are capable of swimming in deep water and are masters of warfare. Science also plays a big role in the wolf army. For instance, the ancient dire wolf and mythical werewolf have both been created by the Wolves in their laboratories. Star Wolves are heavily armored supersoldiers designed to take out heavily armored units. Mech wolves are giant robotic wolves that are very destructive and can easily tear a tank apart.Their airforce was weak and was just a bunch of scavenged helicopters from the human era, but thanks to the EFS they now have a powerful airforce consisiting of Bombers, Gunships, etc. So in conclusion, the Wolves have a large and powerful military that is not to be trifled with.

Pros And Cons of the WolvesEdit

Pros: The Wolves have the strongest land army, the second most cold resistant military, the third best navy, and the fourth best spies.

Cons: The Wolves have the weakest air force, Some of the Wolves live in the tundra (Which is bad, because there are no crops), and the slowest evolution.

Domestication And LivestockEdit


A Wolf citizen

  • Maize (Corn) in South America. (They have a large surplus of this crop)
  • Cattle in North America.
  • Rare, unevolved wolves/dogs in North America and Europe.
  • Cats in Asia and North America.
  • Sheep in North America.
  • Pigs in North America.

Relations With Other EmpiresEdit

(The lower the number, the more this empire hates you. Max: 99, Min -99.)

Ants: 10. Reason: We were once Allies, there is a cold war between us, a war may start, Along with the Fish Men, is a part of the Union of Global Superpowers, they created a resort for our rising population.

Fish Men: 85. Reason: We are Allies, we have a trade route, and they aren't hostile. they have sided with us if there is a war. Along with the Ants, they are a part of the Union of Global Superpowers.

EFS: 92. Reason: We are part of an alliance called the ASN. We have a trade route, we are allies, they have sided with us if there is a war.

DRRS:0. Reason: We haven't met them yet.

The Wolf National AnthemEdit

"In this raging storm, we will stand and tread through the deadly winds! The coldness of the blizzards will not freeze us, for we are as blazing as the sun itself! We have the power of Amaterasu, Canis, and Lupis in our blood, and we WILL STAND AND FIGHT!" -The chant of The Wolves.

CHEYENNE - Dances Of the Wolf

CHEYENNE - Dances Of the Wolf

The Wolf National Anthem, which was created when the Wolves were in Tribal Stage. It was made originally to show the power of the Wolf Nation.

The Wolves have vowed that they would never change their anthem, and they have a strong bond to it. This anthem is played in their cities twice a week.